Easy home network solution for parents


If you have children, you’ll want to pay attention to this easy way that you can to be in control of home networking.

It’s more important than ever today to create an electronic leash for your kids. You certainly don’t want them seeing things they shouldn’t on the Internet.

So enter SkyDog.com. For $149, this service offers a wifi router, app, and cloud service that gives you mobile access to your home network. It’s like a whole ecosystem for your home. With it, you can monitor, limit, and teach your children right from wrong on the web.

SkyDog lets you filter the content your kids have access to. You can also set up time limits for each device in your household.

One thing I really like about SkyDog is how they did videos that instruct you step-by-step to use the tools their home network system offers. You can buy SkyDog on Amazon, among other places.

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