Domino’s using drones to deliver pizza


We’ve had all the brouhaha about technology being used by government to spy on your surfing, social media, email, text messaging, cell phone use and all the rest. And then, we’ve had the issue of drones.

Drones are starting to appear in most of America and are being used for many types of domestic spying — not by government, but by private industry.

In a reactionary move beloved by privacy advocates, Iowa City is moving to ban drones and license plate readers!

The reality is we are in an era where technology makes it easier to spy on us. But technology has so many different purposes.

Did you know there are now robots in some nursing homes and hospitals that go around and dispense medication to patients? The idea is to eliminate human error among an overworked nursing staff. That’s a use you might consider a good one.

Then there’s the publicity stunt that Domino’s Pizza recently pulled.

Over in England, Domino’s used a drone to deliver 2 large pizzas in 7 minutes within a 4-mile radius of one of their stores. The dummy copter, which flies about 150 yards above the ground, has eight spinning blades and an insulated pizza delivery bag to get the pizza hot to your home. Onboard GPS and electronic compass are used to make sure it’s delivering to the right street address.

So technology has all kind of uses, including the mundane of getting your pizza delivered to you!  

Clark Deals
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