Dollar store deals: 25 tech gadgets you’ve got to have!


You can still sport some hot gadgets even if you’re short on funds. Dollar stores are a mecca of tech doodads for those on a budget.

If you’re okay with accepting lower quality for a lower price, feast your eyes on this bevy of deals which Yahoo! Finance found at Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, 99¢ Depot and Dollarama (Canada only).

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$1 or $2 tech gadget deals

Motion sensor light

Dollar Tree’s motion sensor LED light can sense movement from up to 2 ½ feet away. It automatically shuts offs after 30 seconds. Comes with two-way adhesive to let you place the light wherever you would like. Batteries sold separately.

Dollar store deals: X tech gadgets you've got to have!

Hype Audio rechargeable compact speaker

Ladies, this $2 speaker doubles as a small mirror so you can apply makeup on a moment’s notice! But note this well: It’s not wireless. Rather, it comes with a two-foot cable to plug into your tunes, and it recharges via an integrated USB connector.

Credit card USB cable

Do you have trouble holding a charge on your smartphone? Try a microUSB charging and sync cable for $1 at Dollar Tree. It has a microUSB connector on one end and a full-size USB cable on the end. Plug it into any available USB port for a charge. Bonus: It’s small enough to store in your wallet!

Dollar store deals: X tech gadgets you've got to have!

Tech-1 Monopod

This selfie stick comes in black, blue or pink. When collapsed, it’s a mere seven inches. But it telescopes to nearly 40 inches when extended. Features include an adjustable two-way tilt knob, hand strap and the ability to add a tripod via a standard-size port on the bottom.


XtremeMac iPad case

Protect your iPad on the cheap with this form-fitting silicone XtremeMac case. You can also buy stretchy BYO (“Bring Your Own”)-branded neoprene sleeves to handle anything from a 7-inch tablet to a 16-inch laptop.

Dollar store deals: X tech gadgets you've got to have!

Tech-1 retractable mouse

With a 30-inch retractable cord, this mouse gives you freedom of mobility and comes in white and gray or black and gray. Makes a great spare to have around the house!

GE LED book light

How about a respected brand name for a buck?! This GE LED Book Light has a 10,000-hour life and comes in blue, pink and other colors.

RCA 4-in-1 universal remote

Here’s another name brand for cheap at the dollar stores. This is a cheap solution if you have a broken remote at home.

$5 tech gadget deals

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, there’s always Five Below, the pseudo-dollar store where everything is $5 or less.


Here are some great accessories they have for your phone, tablet, fitness tracker and other devices!

Five Below vs. the dollar stores: Who's better?

  • Galaxy s7 & s7 edge cases
  • Echo Bluetooth speakers
  • iPhone cases
  • Replacement band for Fitbit Flex
  • iPhone 6 screen protector
  • Tough cases for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini
  • Headrest mount for iPad
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kids headphones
  • Pink Chandelier tech accessories
  • Universal flex phone mount
  • 6600 mAh battery banks
  • Universal 2.1 amp dual wall charger
  • 2600 mAh slim battery banks
  • Headrest mount for iPad
  • Storm or Vision earbuds
  • Sonix headphones
  • Groove light-up speaker

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