New way to monitor and cut off a kid’s screen time


Parents often ask me how to control their children’s use of the Internet, tablet, phone, game machine, smart TV and whatever device comes along next. In the past, I’ve always had half solutions. I saw some options at CES 2015, but they were mostly vaporware. Now there is a device on the market that’s getting good reviews from the tech folks.

An under $100 solution to too much kiddie screen time

For $99, there’s a device called Screen that works with all the electronics that your kids may have. You are able to control what they do, how much time they have on multiple screens and more. 

Screen manages unlimited cell phones, tablets and computers. The Screen app on your phone also connects with the TV, cable box and game system, in addition to pairing with all PCs, tablets and mobile phones on your family account. Visit for more details.

Will it work as advertised? I have no idea. But if you have had this problem of kids being like zombies in front of their digital devices and you nagging them about it…well, let’s just say under $100 is a great price point at which to find out! 

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How to ‘porn-proof’ your gadgets

A study reported on in USA TODAY claims that parents say their kids have inadvertently found porn on the Internet by age 6 and intentionally flirt online by age 8.

In my house, I have a 9 p.m. rule where no one in the house gets online after that hour at night. Such a curfew allows my wife and I to have some chill time to actually have a conversation with each other after the kids go to sleep.

If you have an Apple product, I found a helpful article that tells you how to porn-proof your gadgets so you kids don’t see something they shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, my teenage daughter has been pleading with me to have her computer in her bedroom. But I have a firm rule prohibiting that. My daughter is allowed to use her computer only when she’s supervised in a common area like the family’s home office.

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