A crowdfunded solution to stolen bikes


Ever had a bike stolen? There’s a new startup out of Chicago that could help you recover your lost wheels.

Technology’s solution to stolen bikes

BikeSpike.com is a company that allows you to monitor your bike’s location on a map using your phone or computer with the help of what they say is the world’s smallest GPS chipset.

The company got its start on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com by allowing any one who was interested to fund the company.

As for me, the bikes I buy are too cheap for anyone to want to steal them!

But if you have an expensive bike, I should note that people swear by graphite bike locks. There are a few models like the Krytponite KryptoLock and ULock that sell for around $30 on Amazon and elsewhere. Apparently, they’re so much better than traditional wire locks that can be cut very easily.

We are moving close to an era where the ability to track our possessions will be routine.

Think about bars that suffer endless thefts of flatscreen TVs. I was recently in a bar and saw a sign that said, ‘You’ve stolen from us twice. Our TVs now have theft protection tracking device. Steal it. We want you in jail.’

We are going into an era where crooks will leave a trail of breadcrumbs, and hopefully crime will not pay at that point!

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