Could kids sue parents for Facebook photos?


PARIS — Parents in France are being warned about posting all of those photos of their kids on Facebook. 

And the warnings aren’t coming from the friends who are tired of seeing the little princes and princesses on their feeds. Rather, it’s the government that says parents could face a lawsuit, fines and even prison time if they publish details of a person’s private lives, The Telegraph reported. 

That includes their own children.

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Nanny state or smart social media move?

When children are adults, they could potentially file suit against their parents for posting, what seemed at the time to be cute photos of their kids. 

The fines could reach more than $48,000 and punishments could also include a year in prison, The Telegraph reported.

One Internet law and ethics expert said the that Facebook users should think about how their children will think about every moment of their childhood being posted online and for making those photos public.

A Facebook vice-president said the company is thinking of putting a system in place to warn parents who post photos of their kids online without restricting who can see it.

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