Clark Smart ways to terminate AT&T


What is the definition of unlimited? If you ask AT&T, unlimited is not unlimited. And if you are one of their 17 million iPhone and smart phone customers, they have imposed a strict cap on use of the Internet.

Interestingly, AT&T got sued in small claims court by customers in California over this issue. Now they’re trying to settle the suit, but it requires the plaintiff not to talk to the media, and that there be a gag order on the terms of settlement. So the company that fails to know the definition of unlimited also fails to believe in freedom of speech!

If you’re an iPhone person, you’d be better off checking out Verizon or Sprint. If you face a cancellation penalty on your AT&T contract, take your AT&T iPhone to eBay or or any of a number of other sellers and you can probably earn enough dough to cover the cancellation fee. Then kick AT&T out of your life!

I had a call from an AT&T spokesperson who was very unhappy about my last pummeling of the company on the throttling issue. “It’s not true,” they said, “the phone is still useable.” But useable how is the question? Yes, you can still make calls, but the data is unusable until the next billing cycle.

Meanwhile, if you’re dealing with smart phones and you’re still paying for texting — like if you’re on a family plan at $20 or $25 a month for texting — you are throwing money away. Free text messaging apps are available that can reduce your bill.

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