Clark’s take: Here’s why I canceled DirecTV Now


UPDATE: About a year after Clark initially tried DirecTV Now, he signed up for a 7-day free trial to see if anything had changed. Here’s his February 2018 review.

DirecTV Now, AT&T’s new streaming service, made headlines in late 2016 when the company announced an introductory offer of $35 a month for 100+ channels.

For just a fraction of the price of the average pay TV service, it sounded like a good deal.

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DirecTV Now: What you should know before you sign up

Clark was among those who signed up right away for the $35 a month package, which has since increased to $60 a month for new customers, to see if the service was a good replacement for traditional pay TV.

But after trying it out, Clark said DirecTV Now was full of glitches, including multiple error messages. So he canceled. 

“It’s not quite there,” Clark said on the radio show. “The picture is choppy, a lot of times it’s a fuzzy picture, and there’s no DVR with it.”

And it appears Clark is not alone. Here are just a few of the recent headlines about the service:

DirecTV Now Customers Frustrated With Glitches and Lack of Refunds — Fortune 

DirecTV Now is off to a really bad start ‘


DirecTV Now appears to be a complete mess –

AT&T’s new $35 streaming TV service keeps getting hit with big outages — Business Insider

If you want to cancel, do so online

According to multiple published news reports, people who’ve called customer service and requested refunds because of the performance issues haven’t had much luck.

To cancel, Clark said go online instead of calling, and remember to print your confirmation page!

And if you’re looking for an alternative to pay TV, you can always pair free over-the-air TV with other streaming products like Sling, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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