Cheaper TV from Over the Top Online Video Services


We have been in an ugly hammerlock for years and years with cable monopolies cramming pay TV packages down our throats.

Yet the technology has existed to deliver that programming in a completely different way. You may already know that a lot of cable monopolies allow you to watch their programming on a laptop, phone, or tablet by verifying that you are a customer.

A new model for cheaper pay TV

Now many players are negotiating deals that will allow you to buy pay TV, where you get to watch cable channels live, via what’s called “over-the-top” online video services. So you can completely bypass the cable monster.

The first players to announce a deal are Sony and Viacom, according to The New York Post. Dish is getting in the game too and Verizon is a maybe.

The end cost for these “over the top” services is expected to be somewhere around $30 a month.

Some of these services will be up and running before Christmas. The main hold up is the licensing agreements with programmers.

Did you know cable monopolies markup the programming they buy by 600%! So the inevitable result of this new “over the top” competition will be much lower prices.

The key lesson for you is: Don’t sign a contract for pay TV that will obligate you for 2 years and that has a big cancellation fee. Because you may miss the opportunity for something cheaper and better.

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