Cheap Chinese-made cell phones allegedly spying on us


If you buy an ultra-cheap cell phone, are you helping the Red Army?

There are more allegations from the espionage and technology communities saying that the two big Communist Chinese manufactures Huawei and ZTE are embedding technology in cheap prepaid Android handsets to gather intelligence as you travel around.

I know this sounds like a modern spy novel, though I’m not smart enough to tell you if you’ve bought a phone that is in fact bugged.

There are also questions about the idea of cell tower transmission technology being purchased from Chinese companies and how that could be a threat to homeland security and national defense.

When it comes to phones, some people suggest not buying from Huawei and ZTE. I just want you to know there are these alleged issues.

Whether that’s true or not, we have now had a falling out with the communist leaders after what’s amounted to a honeymoon period of relative calm. Our relationship is on the rocks and both Obama and Romney have signaled strongly their displeasure with the Chinese.

So you will have to make your own decision about buying these phones. I hate to bring this up…but it is my duty to let you know.

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