CES innovations are a sign of things to come


As I’ve been checking out all the displays at CES 2014, there are some that have really caught my eye.

There’s a Dick Tracy kind of watch phone that tells time, takes pictures, and serves as a standalone phone with a little SIM card slot. There’s a kids’ version for $99 with GPS that lets you know where you child is. And there’s a $250 version for adults. This thing is amazing; you can even Skype right from your watch!

Another big thing is saw were all the drones. Some are for industry, others are for individuals. The FAA has to figure out the rules governing these pilotless aircraft of all sizes that will be a common part of our lives in the next couple of years.

I also saw a $149 device aimed at parents with teen drivers. You put this gadget in your car and, when it senses movement, it disables your ability to do anything on your cell phone. It also allows parents to know at all times where their teenager is as they drive around.

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