Listen up: Wraps headphones are a stylish solution to tangled headphones


With all the devices we use every day, headphones can be some of the most frustrating. You put them in your bag or pocket and when you pull them out, they’re often a tangled mess.

But at CES, the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, one UK-based company with a unique solution to tangled headphones caught money expert Clark Howard’s eye. Wraps turns headphones in a wearable accessory that won’t get tangled up.

Wraps headphones double as bracelets that anyone would want to wear

These headphones wrap around your wrist to look like a bracelet that you secure by snapping the end of the cable into a built-in port on the cable.

Wraps storage on your wrist is genius because it’s stylish design makes it a bracelet you want to wear at any age. Plus, you won’t be replacing headphones that were crushed at the bottom of a backpack or left in a pocket and put through the washer.

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The braided headphone cord is more durable than ordinary headphones and allows the cables not to wear out and lose sound quality the more you wrap them.

Where to find them: and other online retailers

Price: $20 – $55

Clark’s takeaway:If you or your kids are losing or breaking earbuds, these are the perfect solution.”

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