CES 2017: Clark shows you some of his favorite new tech!


The Consumer Electronics show is one of the largest technical conventions, showcasing more than 3,800 companies from all over the world. Clark traveled to CES in Las Vegas this week to give us a sneak peek of some of best new technology that consumers might see on the market very soon.

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New technology that could impact your life right now


This new wearable technology aims to offer users relief from nausea and other symptoms caused by motion sickness. The invention of the Reliefband comes with the rising popularity of virtual reality systems that have been known to cause symptoms of motion sickness. However, these Reliefbands can be used for symptoms caused by traveling, amusement park rides, and even morning sickness. The relief band is said to work within minutes and is completely drug free.


Aria has developed wearable smart glasses that allow its users to see what a blind person would see in real time. This technology connects a blind person with a certified network of agents who can act as visual interpreters for the blind to help users accomplish a variety of daily tasks such as recognizing faces and navigating the grocery store.

Ability 3D

For the most part, at home 3D printing has been limited to printing only in plastic or other soft material. Ability 3D has developed a new machine that can 3D print in a variety of different types of metal and is small enough to fit on a desktop. This new 3D printer allows entrepreneurs to print real metal parts at home for under $3000.  

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