3 cheaper alternatives to cell phone insurance through your carrier

3 cheaper alternatives to cell phone insurance through your carrier
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Cell phone insurance policies say they’ll protect you if your phone is lost, stolen or broken”¦but will they really?

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Three better alternatives to cell phone insurance

Cell phone insurance typically runs about $120 a year. You have a deductible to meet — usually anywhere from $50 to $200 — and after paying that you often get a refurbished replacement phone. Not necessarily a new one!

But you do have other alternatives…

Get a case

Why not get something like an Otterbox? It’s a protective case for smartphones that is clunky and ugly, but really protects your smartphone in the event that you drop it.

You can get a protective case like this on a discount site like eBay or Amazon. But even if you pay full retail price, it’s still a lower cost way to protect your phone. And that insurance policy you could buy will only guarantee you a refurb anyway!

Try a repair shop

Here’s another thought: Try a local cell phone repair shop when your phone breaks, especially for replacing a cracked screen. They’re spreading like wildfire across the country and typically specialize in Android and iPhone repair.


Repairs tend to price out somewhere between $50 and $150 at these shops. That is cheap money compared to the alternative of insurance through your wireless carrier.

Look away from your mobile carrier

If you’re an iOS person, AppleCare+ costs $99-$129 for two years of coverage and you pay $79 or $99 per incident, depending on model.

Here’s a real-life cell phone insurance horror story

A couple of years ago, David Lazarus of The Los Angeles Times wrote a column about how one woman purchased an iPhone 5 on AT&T and then decided to sign up for what was then a $6.99/month policy when she was traveling in Asia.

Her phone was stolen during the trip, so she went to the police and filed a report. Then she filed a claim with Asurion, the insurance provider.

Well, her claim was denied three times by Asurion. Their rationale? She wasn’t covered because she wasn’t on the AT&T network at the time of the theft.

That’s despite the fact that it clearly states in the insurance contract’s nine pages of mice type: ‘The coverage territory is worldwide.’

That just goes to show you what a stinker cell phone insurance through your carrier can be!


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