Clark Howard: Cancel Your AOL Service

Cancel your AOL service

If you’re tired of the high-priced, low-end service you get from America Online but you can’t seem to shake them, follow these steps:  
1) Sign on to your AOL account.  
2) Click on the “Keyword” box in the upper right corner and type the word “cancel” when the entry box appears. A screen will appear with a toll-free number and mailing address. If you are unable to log on, call 888-265-8008 for cancellation help.  
3) Call the number and follow the instructions to cancel your membership. A representative should be able to cancel your account within a few minutes. (DSL accounts may take longer.)  
4) Ask that a confirmation of your cancellation be e-mailed to you if you have another account, faxed or mailed to your home address.  
Note: AOL does not allow members to cancel their accounts online.