Fill up on leftover buffet food for as low as $2


A new web-based service is providing diners with a way to indulge in buffet food that restaurants would otherwise throw away – and for a fraction of the regular price.  

BuffetGo, which was launched a couple of years ago overseas, is just getting started in America.  

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New service provides restaurant food for cheap 

The concept is pretty simple: After selecting a restaurant online, you show up around closing time with a ticket and stuff a to-go container with as much buffet food as you’d like.

According to BuffetGo’s website, many of the restaurants charge between $3 and $5, which is up to 90% off the normal price.

Given the fact that Americans waste up to 40% of their food, this business has the potential to help reduce the amount of food that restaurants toss out. At the same time, restaurants are able to make a little extra money. 

BuffetGo is currently available in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago and New York, but there are plans to expand it nationwide.

The first meal is free for new customers, according to the website.

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