This is the worst time of the year to buy an iPhone

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Apple has just unveiled three new iPhones  — the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR — but money expert Clark Howard has a timely warning before you buy a $1,000 smartphone!

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Thinking about buying a new iPhone in September? Here’s why you should wait! 

Those who rush to pre-order or line up at an Apple store to get one of the new iPhones will pay the full retail price, but cell phone providers and retailers will offer discounts to those who wait.

Clark told his radio listeners that those discounts may begin a few short weeks after the devices first go on sale.

“If you’re willing to let the people who just gotta have the newest phone right then and there get theirs and you wait three weeks, you’ll likely find deals that they didn’t get,” Clark says.

After the September 12 announcement, Apple immediately made swift price cuts to its older phones.

I put together the chart below to give you a look at’s prices for several iPhone models before and after the three new devices made their public debut.

Of course, you may be able to get a better iPhone deal through cell phone carriers, retailers or private sellers. iPhone pricing 

Product Price before September 12 Price after September 12
Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 256GB $949 $849
Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 64GB $799 $699
Apple iPhone 8, 256GB $849 $749
Apple iPhone 8, 64GB $699 $599
Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 128GB $769 $669
Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 32GB $669 $569
Apple iPhone 7, 128GB $649 $549
Apple iPhone 7, 32GB $549 $449

The bottom line: If you can avoid the iPhone frenzy for at least a few weeks after the September 12 announcement, you’ll save money whether you’re buying a new model or an older one.

Listen to Clark talk about the best time to buy an iPhone on The Clark Howard Show Podcast 

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