Why now is a great time to buy an iPhone


We told you back in September that it was the absolute worst time of the year to buy a new Apple iPhone.  The new models had come out and the real deals were on old models, which Apple was slashing prices on.

Well, that was then, this is now.

According to ClarkDeals.com Chief Deal Digger Charis Brown, “Apple and several of the carriers are offering great deals on iPhone models ranging from the 6 to the XR right now, from prices ranging from free to $499, but they will require a trade in and/or adding a new line of service.”

Here are a few of the best offers.

Where to find the best deals on iPhones right now


Right now, Apple itself is offering a new iPhone XR for as little as $449 with an eligible trade-in.

“The thing with Apple is, the XR they have had a lot of trouble selling, even though the technology reviewers say the deal of this year’s iPhones — the XS, the XS Max and the XR —the XR is the deal at a retail starting at $749, a lot of people pay $799 to get more memory,” says money expert Clark Howard. “But, Apple can’t get anybody to buy them, so they’re piling up in warehouses.”

What’s bad for Apple is good for you if you are looking for one of Apple’s latest models!

Apple is also currently offering an additional 10% off for current military members and veterans.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket is currently offering the iPhone 6s 32GB for $99.99 with number transfer or $199.99 with a new number or upgrade. This phone retails for $399.99.



Metro also has a deal on the 6s 32GB — you can get one free when you switch to their service.

Note that Straight Talk, T-Mobile and T-Mobile via Costco are also running big-time iPhone deals right now, so be sure to shop around for the best deal for you.

Charis also says that “the best deal with no string attached is on refurbished models at places like eBay, but you’ll want to make sure the seller has a decent return policy should anything go awry!”

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