Best electronics retailers


During the holidays, electronics are the biggest gift category bar none. So where are the best places in America to buy electronics?

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Have you heard of these e-tailers?

Consumer Reports has rated electronics retailers from best to worst. The tally was based on some 60,000 electronics purchases that the magazine’s subscribers made between January 2014 and June 2015.

Not surprisingly, the highest scores go to online retailers. Two in particular that came out on top were and

ABT, a physical store and e-commerce retailer in the Midwest, gets the highest rating in both the brick-and-mortar category and the online category too. B&H, meanwhile, is also a retail store and an online store, though the brick-and-mortar version was not rated. But when it comes to online, they do an extraordinary job and I’ve ordered from them many times over the years.

Both players get the highest marks for great selection and best prices. The only other retailers that get as a good a rating on price are and Taken collectively,,, and are the four kings of the price hill.

You may be wondering about Amazon got good numbers, although they were deemed lacking in product quality, price and selection.

If you like physical stores and you live in a part of the country with Nebraska Furniture Mart, they got great scores. Though their pricing and customer service were not as a good as the very best. But they’re not just about furniture like their name suggests!

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