This is the best wireless provider in America

This is the best wireless provider in America
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Smartphones have become such an integral part of our everyday lives that it’s hard to imagine how we could get through the day without them.

But the expensive wireless bill you pay every month? That’s something you definitely can live without!

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Clark’s take: The best cell phone provider in the USA

In our new Common Cents series, Managing Editor Alex Sadler shared a number of ways to reduce your monthly bills, starting with your cell phone plan.

“You may be paying double what you could with another carrier and get the exact same plan,” Sadler said.

With so many different plans and phones to choose from, which carrier combines the best service and best price? It really depends on your situation, but Clark has a few opinions.

Best deal for an individual or couple

During a Facebook Live chat from FinCon, an annual gathering for the financial media community, Clark was asked to name his favorite wireless carrier.

For an individual plan, he said the choice is clear: Republic Wireless.

“It’s almost cult-like with Republic Wireless. They are the best deal for one person — or even a couple ‘ in the country,” Clark said in the chat hosted by Liz Weston of NerdWallet.

Scroll to 8:45 for Clark’s comments about cell phone carriers.


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For those who aren’t familiar, Republic Wireless’ technology relies heavily on Wi-Fi for calls, text messages and the Internet. The carrier says it blends Wi-Fi with cellular to create “expanded network coverage” at a lower cost.

Clark likes Republic Wireless because it’s a no-contract provider, featuring a $20 a month plan with 1GB of data. Due to its heavy reliance on Wi-Fi, Republic says the $20 plan meets the needs of about 85% of its members.

As for phones, the company recently added about 10 phones to its portfolio, all Android devices.

T-Mobile’s sizzlin’ family deal!

For family plans, Clark says there’s a great deal at T-Mobile. For a limited time, a family of four can get unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for $140 a month, which works out to $35 a line.

Clark has said that family plans have been a significant deal over the past few months.

Best network, not price

If you’re serious about reducing your expenses, there’s one cell phone company that Clark says you should avoid: Verizon. They have the best network, according to nationwide testing from RootMetrics — but it’ll cost you.

“Unless you have an absolute problem with coverage where you live, your wallet has a problem with you being with Verizon,” Clark said.

This is the best wireless provider in America

Find the best cell phone plan for you

Before you make a move to any carrier, check out our list of the best cell phone plans and deals. We’re always updating it with the latest offers as soon as we hear about them.


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