The benefits of disengaging from our gadgets


My wife and I have been talking about how much we’re addicted to our electronics. We’ve both realized we need to step back and dial back with how much we’re on our devices.

Recently, my executive producer Christa had a “no electronics day” challenge with her 10-year-old daughter. They didn’t touch their smartphones, tablets or even watch TV. Instead, they played board games, card games, and took a walk with the dog, among other things.

There’s a term in pop psychology called FOMO — the fear of missing out. It’s been cited as one of the prime movers of our engagement with social media and how we’ve become addicted to our electronics. We crave that latest, greatest email, Tweet, or Facebook post.

Now there’s a counterpart called JOMO — the joy of missing out. It’s the idea that if you disengage and  disconnect from technology every so often, it will lower your tension level.

I read an item in The New York Times  about how it’s so important to create that space from the digital in order to have peace, calm, and serenity in your life.

Christa, I will meet your challenge with a “no technology” day of my own this month in my household!

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