Avoid the AT&T data cap crunch if you’re an ‘unlimited’ customer


AT&T has basically declared war on its many millions of smart phone customers. I’ve got ways for you to fight back.

The wireless giant had approximately 17 million customers on unlimited data plans when they just by fiat said they wouldn’t honor their unlimited offer anymore and they imposed caps. Unfortunately, AT&T’s contract with you says that they’re not subject to class action lawsuits.

So what should you do? Fire them if you’re in a situation to do so. Then go to a company that gives you a better deal. Here are some other options:

  • Sprint offers the fancy-dancy iPhone and Androids with no data cap
  • Straight Talk offers $45 unlimited everything for Androids
  • Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile both offer unlimited everything for $55
  • Metro PCS offers unlimited Android plans that price out at about $60

If you have to stay put with AT&T for whatever reason, there are several companies that offer technology to compress the use of data as you go through it:

  • Onavo.com (iPhone only)
  • Opera Mini mobile web browser
  • Wifi — It’s pretty much everywhere now. Use it. It will help you bypass the caps, especially if you like to watch video and send data.

These methods should keep you out of trouble with AT&T and the bait and switch they pulled on their customers. Shame on them!

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