AT&T Watch: New $15/month streaming service coming soon

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Some CEOs have the funniest way of teasing new money-saving services…

During testimony at an anti-trust case, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson revealed from the witness stand that his company will launch a pay-TV plan that promises to be the cheapest in the live TV streaming market.

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AT&T Watch: Here’s what we know so far…

So-called “skinny bundles” that offer fewer channels for less money than a traditional cable or satellite bill are all the rage these days.

Consumers who are cutting the cord on expensive monthly bills favor these services because they’re more cost-effective to deliver over the Internet as part of what the industry calls an over-the-top (OTT) business model.

That’s why it’s become a crowded marketplace — with services like DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV all offering live TV streaming for around $20 to $40.

By comparison, the average American household pays $103.10 per month for traditional pay TV subscription.

But there’s a dark horse on the horizon that promises to undercut all the $20 to $40 streamers on price.

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We’re on AT&T Watch watch

AT&T CEO Stephenson was giving testimony on April 19 when he let slip word of a new streaming service called AT&T Watch.


AT&T Watch is supposed to launch within weeks nationwide and offer a skinny bundle of live TV channels for $15 a month — but with no sports programming at all.

The CEO further said that the rumored service will be free for AT&T Wireless subscribers.

No word yet on which channels will be included or exactly when the rumored service is expected to go live.

The fact that Stephenson dropped news of the new service during the AT&T hearing shouldn’t really be a surprise.

His company is in the midst of defending itself during the Department of Justice vs. AT&T/Time Warner case. It’s a high-stakes case in which the feds are challenging the proposed $8.5 billion merger of the two companies.

Announcing a pending service like AT&T Watch serves to bolster his case that not only won’t the AT&T/Time Warner merger limit competition, it will in fact be in the best interest of consumers and give them more choice.

Whenever it launches, AT&T Watch promises to be the cheapest entry in the crowded field of live TV streamers. The next closest competition would come from Philo, which starts at $16/month, but doesn’t include any local channels or sports either.

We’ll keep you updated about the rollout of AT&T Watch right here.

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