AT&T stops spying on broadband customers


Tired of your ISP spying on you? Now one of AT&T’s major spying initiatives is going away…and you might just save some money in the process too!

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AT&T drops ‘Internet Preferences’ program

Back in late 2013, AT&T offered two tiers of pricing for its broadband customers: A lower one if you agreed to let the company data-track your every mouse click or a costlier one ($29 more expensive!) if you wanted to opt out of the spying.

But according to The Wall Street Journal, AT&T is now going to do away with the tracking program—which was called Internet Preferences—and the associated fee people were paying to avoid the tracking.

Going forward, anyone who paid the $29 to opt out of Internet Preferences won’t have to do so anymore. Nor will they have their information collected.

All users will now pay the lowest price that AT&T has available for broadband.

The Internet Preferences program monitored search terms, webpages visited and links clicked in an effort to deliver more targeted ads. Even clearing your cookies, using an ad-blocking program or browsing in a private window didn’t protect your info from getting into AT&T’s hands in the past!

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