Apple introduces new OS, iTunes Radio


In a world where Android outsells Apple by 5:1, Apple has been busy showing off new versatility at a recent developer conference.

Chief among the new developments Apple unveiled are a new Mac operating system and a revamping of some of the brand’s flagship computers.

Apple showed off newly redesigned laptops like the MacBook Air, along with a preview of the coming MacBook Pro. But the real focus remains on mobile, which is why the new operating system — named “Mavericks” — is so important.

In an interesting development, Apple is also poised to have its own streaming product called iTunes Radio. This Pandora-like service will be free for U.S. users and obviously undercuts the price of the Google offering.

It’s about time, of course; the late Steve Jobs helped create the idea of digital music and then his company fell behind everybody else on that front. As a result of that and some other missteps, the stock market hasn’t cared for Apple of late. But I wouldn’t count them out just yet.

One thing the company needs to do is introduce different price points. They need to take the iPhone 4S and make it cheaper for the non-contract market.

Think about it: Somebody getting his or her first smartphone can get an Android for $79 versus hundreds of dollars for an iPhone. So they need to catch up on the price side.

If you like Apple but are scared off by the price, I suggest you try buying their products that are one generation back and offered at a depreciated price.  I bought a MacBook Air one generation back and saved hundreds of dollars.

In the end, I still can’t get over how ironic it is that Apple — after practically pioneering digital music — will offer potentially a better deal on music than any other player out there. They want to keep you in their orbit and music is a great way to hook you in, particularly if you’re a younger person who left Apple for the Android world.

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