Android apps that Clark loves


I love the Android operating system and all the free apps that are available for my smart phone.

Amazon has set up its own apps store called Amazon Appstore. If you download it to your Android smart phone, once each day they’ll make something available for free that would otherwise normally cost you. The freebie is a loss leader to get you to buy other apps from Amazon, and it tends to alternate between games and productivity or communication apps.

So what’s ended up on my phone? All these games I will never play that my kids want! I have  My Paper Plane 2 for my middle daughter, Pac-Man for my wife and something called Plants vs. Zombies that somebody else wanted.

Another app I really like is my Schwab app. With it, I can take a picture of the front and back of an endorsed check, punch in the check’s value and then upload the images. Bam, the deposit is done! Other than crashing occasionally, this app works flawlessly.

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired July 2011.

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