Amazon $99 Fire TV streaming box to compete with Netflix


Amazon is at it again with a couple new developments that show the company’s desire to compete with Netflix and its ilk while still catering to its original online marketplace audience.

One of the big news items today is they’re coming up with a new method of doing returns.

About a third of merchandise ordered online is returned, according to MarketWatch. It’s very expensive for Amazon to do returns. So they are coming up with a locker system for returns, kind of like the locker system many Amazon customers use to receive goods.

In other news, Amazon also recently did a drone test delivery.

And now, they’ve dropped another bomb: Amazon Fire TV.

Does anybody over there at Amazon headquarters ever sleep?!

The $99 Amazon Fire TV streaming device allows you to watch Internet TV and has been rolled out to compete with Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Netflix.

Among the features on the Fire TV:

  • Voice search capability
  • Quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM
  • Fire Game Controller that mimics a gaming-console experience 
  • A library of gaming titles from Sega, EA, Disney, and mobile game developers

The Fire TV is available now for order. The great news about Amazon entering the streaming box marketplace is that this makes it easier and easier for you to dump pay TV. Once you start streaming, you won’t even miss pay TV!

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