5G and a $50 Android are coming


The U.S. is now on a smartphone price curve…and the future of your cell service includes 5G and a $50 Android.

According to various industry blogs, Google is developing a $50 Android. Think about the price points on their devices; they’ve quickly gone from the Nexus 5 at $350 to the Moto G at $179. They understand that people want cheap smartphones. Hence the coming $50 Android.

And if you’re into privacy, there’s a phone called the Black Phone that will supposedly keep the NSA from tracking you. While no pricing has been announced, I expect it will be costly. You’ll have to decide if the cost is worth the supposed benefits.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to hear buzz about Apple developing two new smartphones that will have 5 and 6 inch screens.

Finally, South Korea is reportedly developing a 5G network for cellphones. The first test will be in the next 18 months and full deployment will come later this decade, according to USA TODAY.

South Korea already has Internet speeds that are 100 times what we have right now here in the United States. With the coming 5G network for mobile devices, you’ll be able to download a 2-hour movie in 1 second!

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