$5 monthly price hike on tap for longtime AT&T unlimited data customers

$5 monthly price hike on tap for longtime AT&T unlimited data customers
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In another move to clamp down on unlimited data, AT&T is readying a $5 monthly price hike for customers who were grandfathered into its unlimited data plans at a super-cheap rate.

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$5 price hike to begin in March

FierceWireless has confirmed that AT&T plans a $5 a month increase on customers who got in on unlimited data plans before 2010. That’s when AT&T stopped offering unlimited data service to new customers and switched to a tiered pricing model.

This price hike on legacy unlimited plans isn’t the first.

In February 2015, AT&T raised the price on longtime unlimited customers from $30/month to $35/month. Now the cost on those old plans will be going up to $40/month beginning in March 2017.

This latest move is an effort by AT&T to get away from unlimited plans and go strictly to metered data.

And AT&T isn’t alone in that effort. Verizon reportedly is ready to give data hogs on its network the boot in February. Super-users who consume more than 200GB of data in a month on the Verizon network will have to switch off their unlimited plans or find another wireless carrier by February 16.

But back to AT&T…Under their current metered pricing, plans start at $30/month for 1 GB of data. There’s also a $40 plan with 3 GB of data. For those with a big appetite for date, there’s a 30 GB plan for $135. All plan are subject to additional taxes and fees.

Customers who have DirecTV (which AT&T owns) have access to a special deal offering unlimited talk, text and data for $100/month for the first line and $40/month for each additional line, with the fourth line being completely free.

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