5 Innovative Products from CES 2015


CES 2015 was an epic experience.  Not just because of the amazing ideas and innovation, but also in physical terms.  With over 3,600 exhibitors across more than 2.2 million net square feet, it was truly impossible to see everything CES had to offer. Although the multi-million dollar displays from companies like Sony, Samsung and LG were beyond impressive, I found myself most drawn to the “Eureka Park” area which focused on start up companies and new inventive products. 

Here are 5 innovative products from CES 2015

iSwimband($79)  – Personal drowning detection system that will alert you if a swimmer has been under water too long or if a non-swimmer has entered the water.  Currently available to work with an App for iOS users, but Android and Windows are on the way.

MagicBook (free app) – An app that makes books come alive. By holding your smart phone camera over a picture book, the pictures become 3D with animation, sound and character interaction.  Available in March for Android and iOS. The app is free and each book should cost between $2 and $5.

Meccanoid G-15 KS ($399) – This life-sized erector set robot kit was the winner of the audience award at “Last Gadget Standing CES 2015.” It’s ideal for kids 5-14, and encourages building and programming skills.  It’s open sourced and has an app that allows you to use motion capture to get Meccanoid to mimic your movements and voice.  Available later this year.

The SmartMat ($297) – This interactive portable yoga mat coaches you through an app and helps you adjust your balance to achieve perfect poses.  Not on shelves yet, but pre-order is available.

Bellabeat Shell ($120) – This smartphone connected non-invasive shell allows you to listen, record and share your unborn baby’s heartbeat. After birth the shell can be used as a baby monitor that learns the baby’s different cries and can use the previously recorded heartbeat as a soothing sound machine.  Currently taking pre-orders.

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