5 Facebook tips you didn’t know about


Facebook is more than a place to connect with friends and share baby photos. There a numerous tips and tricks to make the social network platform fun and helpful to use. Here are five tricks and tips on Facebook you may not know about.

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Find Facebook messages you didn’t know you had

Facebook Messenger has two inboxes: One users receive notifications about and one they don’t. The latter filters messages from people you may not know or haven’t yet friended. For desktop and mobile, there are different ways to access the inbox. On desktop, click on the messages icon at the top of the screen in the blue bar, go to message requests and then see filtered requests. On mobile, users can go to settings, then people, message requests, then see filtered requests.

Play basketball with friends

For those using the Facebook Messenger app on mobile, you can challenge your friends to an online game of basketball. Start the game by sending a basketball emoji in Messenger. Tap the emoji to start the game. Swipe your finger to shoot the basketball into the goal and see how many baskets you make. Your score will be sent to to your friend for them to beat.

Play chess with your friends on Messenger

In addition to basketball, you can play chess with friends on Messenger, but it is a little more complicated. To start, open a conversation with the friend you want to play with and type ‘@fbchess play.’ The game starts when a chessboard appears. Instead of dragging your mouse or moving arrows on your keyboard users have to type different text commands into Messenger to move pieces. For example, to move a queen to a space, users would type ‘@fbchess Qe4’ to move the piece to the corresponding spot on the board, which is labeled by letters and numbers.

Let people know how to pronounce your name

Additions to the ‘about’ section of Facebook allow users to let their friends and anyone who views their profile know exactly how to pronounce their name. Users can edit this section by clicking on their name in the top blue bar, going to ‘about’ and selecting ‘details about you’ on the left column. From there users can select Facebook-generated ways to pronounce their name or type their own.

Hide your Facebook friends list

Users can hide who can view their friends list whether someone they have friended or a member of the public views their profile. To do this, users can click on their name to get to their Facebook page, click ‘friends,’ and at the top of the ‘friends’ box, click the button in the top right corner to ‘edit privacy.’ Select options from the drop-down menu to choose who can see the list.

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