4 developments that will change how you watch TV


Love watching TV? Here are 4 developments that will change the way you watch it.


Verizon’s Go90 is a new mobile video service targeted to their 20s and 30s. The TV product, which will be free, includes beloved TV channels like Comedy Central, Food Network, ESPN, NFL Network, Discovery — all popular with millennials.

Go90 started with 5 million subscribers in beta and you can still sign up for the beta. But here’s the thing: They will make it available to people across various competitors! So no matter who you use for cell service, you can use this service for free!

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Sony has decided to put real money into what’s been a market failure — Crackle. Just like with Go90 on the phone, they hope Crackle will let them make money with free TV shows across any type of device.


The second generation of Chromecast came out yesterday. For $35, you can get this handy device that takes whatever you’re watching on your phone, tablet or laptop and instantly projects it effortlessly on to your flat-screen TV. Now it will broadcast in full high definition. And it works across platforms too.

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TiVo Bolt

Remember TiVo? They have a new device out called the Bolt that has a feature called Quick Mode. It digitally speeds up a show so an hour-long program takes 32 minutes to watch, after it strips out 15 minutes of commercials. So it airs programming about 30% faster.

People have been using digital compression tech in radio for probably 15 years to get another 2 minutes of commercials an hour but you still hear all the content. So TiVo is doing the same thing for TV broadcasts. The TiVo Bolt goes for $300 to $400.

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