25 secret teen texting codes parents need to know


If your teenage son or daughter has a smartphone, they may be using a series of secret codes to communicate with friends without you or other parents knowing what they’re saying.

Most adults know at least a few of the acronyms,  like “LOL” for laughing out loud, “JK” for just kidding and “LY” for love you.

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Teen texting codes revealed

However, other teen texting codes are far more secretive. Bark, a tech company that helps parents monitor their children’s messages for issues like cyber-bullying and sexting, has put together a new list.

Using Bark’s list and another one from NetLingo, we’ve identified some of the most surprising codes.

Before you read through this list, we should let you know that many of the codes refer to either sex or drugs, two things parents of teenagers are naturally concerned about.

Here’s the list of 25 texting codes every parent should know:

  1. 1174 ‘ Meet at a party spot
  2. 420 ‘ Marijuana reference
  3. 53X ‘ Code for sex
  4. 8 ‘ Code for oral sex
  5. 99 ‘ Parents are gone
  6. CU46 ‘ See you for sex
  7. 9 & CD9 ‘ “Code 9”, parents are around
  8. GNOC ‘ Get naked on cam
  9. GYOP ‘ Get your pants off
  10. IWSN ‘ I want sex now
  11. KMN ‘ Kill me now
  12. KMS ‘ Kill myself
  13. KYS ‘ Kill yourself
  14. LH6 ‘ Let’s have sex
  15. MOS ‘ Mom over shoulder
  16. MPFB ‘ My personal **** buddy
  17. Netflix and chill ‘ Getting together and hooking up
  18. NIFOC ‘ Nude in front of computer
  19. P911 ‘ Parent alert
  20. PAW ‘ Parents are watching
  21. PIR ‘ Parent in room
  22. TDTM ‘ Talk dirty to me
  23. Thot ‘ Stands for “that hoe over there” and is often used instead of “slut”
  24. TWD ‘ Texting while driving
  25. WTTP ‘  Want to trade pics?

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