$25-$30 is the new price point for unlimited talk and text


If you’re not obsessed with smart phones, there are some new cheaper options for unlimited talk and text service that could lower your cell phone bill.

We’re at a stage in the wireless industry where the price points are spreading out by huge amounts. AT&T and Verizon, for example, are imposing high costs on data plans for their smart phone customers. In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone to spend $2,000 annually on their cell plan with these carriers.

At the other extreme, folks who just want simple feature phones that don’t do web surfing are finding some real deals in the marketplace.

Metro PCS, the regional discounter based in Dallas, has a new no-contract plan that’s $25/month for unlimited calling and unlimited texting. That works out to be $300 annually including all taxes and regulatory fees.

There are only three phones you can use on the plan, priced at $39, $49 and $59 (plus a $10 activation fee.) This offer is only available through June 30, 2012, though you can remain on the plan as long as you like if you abide by its terms.

Why such a deal? The Metro PCS network is strained for data, though it has huge available capacity for calling and texting. So they can make money doing this.

In the same pricing neighborhood, Boost Mobile has lowered prices on its unlimited talk and text plans. You start out paying $45/month, but your bill drops by $5 for every six months you remain a customer. The lowest possible bill you can have from Boost is $30 after 18 months.

Then there are always players like Straight Talk and Page Plus Cellular, which both offer fairly generous amounts of calling and texting minutes (with some data) for $30/month.

Between $25 and $30 is the new sweet spot if you don’t want an Android or iPhone and you just want simple calling and texting!

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