10 things to know about Comcast’s new Xfinity Mobile cell phone service

Comcast Xfinity Mobile phone
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After years of talking about it, it’s finally come to pass: Comcast is stepping into the wireless world with a mobile phone plan of its own!

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Introducing Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile

Here’s what you need to know about this unprecedented offer from Comcast…

It’s only available to existing subscribers

That means you must at least have Internet service through Xfinity. With 29 million existing customers who fit that profile, Xfinity has a big potential target market for this service.

And let’s not forget that many of those customers have multiple people living under one roof. That’s led industry watcher FierceWireless to estimate that Comcast could see 130 million potential mobile lines of service come on board via Xfinity Mobile.

Talk about a roaring introduction to the wireless world!

It runs on the Verizon backbone

Back in 2012, Verizon purchased 20 MHz of nationwide Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum from Comcast and other cable companies in a deal valued at $3.9 billion.

As a result of that deal, the Xfinity Mobile service will run on Verizon’s network.

That’s great news considering Verizon is the industry leader when it comes to wireless networks — with the best performance, reliability and network speeds.

Meanwhile, Xfinity will also make use of its own 16 million public Wi-Fi hotspots to help keep data flowing at a fast pace.


How much will you pay? Well, there’s a sliding price tag…

If you want unlimited data, you’ll pay a monthly bill based on how much business you already do with Xfinity for other services in your home.

Customers who have a $150 triple play cable bundle get the low price of $45 a month for one line of unlimited talk, text and data. If you want four lines of the same, you’ll pay $180.

But if you only have Internet through Xfinity at home, then you’ll pay $65 for one line and $260 for four lines.

Here’s how the Xfinity Mobile offer stacks up against the competition:

Light data users can save a ton of money with Xfinity Mobile

The prices cited above are for unlimited plans. But you can also buy data by the GB with Xfinity Mobile.

One GB costs $12. And since all plans come with unlimited talk and text to begin with, this could be a real deal for a light data user who doesn’t use more than 1 GB a month.

There are no line access fees

Five lines are yours to have with no line access fees when you add Xfinity Mobile to your Xfinity Internet service. You’ll also get your first 100 MB of shared 4G LTE data included at no additional charge.

Throttling starts a little sooner for heavy data users

With most unlimited plans from wireless carriers, your connection speed is throttled once you exceed 22GB or 23GB of data use in a month. But with Xfinity Mobile, the throttling starts after 20GB.

Customer service will be handled via text message

No need to open up the Comcast app on your phone if you have an issue. Just send a text message to customer service and they’ll respond promptly!


There’s no BYOD

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring your own device to Xfinity Mobile.

Rather, you’ll have to get a handset from an Xfinity retail store location. Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy and the LG X Power handsets will all be available when Xfinity Mobile launches.

Speaking of launch date…

As for a launch timeline, some media reports suggest that Xfinity Mobile will be up and running within two months.

But there’s no official confirmation yet.

This much is sure: We’ll let you know right here on Clark.com when launch day comes!

Need more info?

Refer to the fact sheet that the company has put up online.

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