Roku Just Acquired One of the Most Popular TV Shows: Watch Episodes for Free

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If you’re a fan of the long-standing home improvement show This Old House, you may want to clear your calendar for a while.

We have some binge watching to do!

It was recently announced that you’ll be able to stream full seasons of This Old House FOR FREE!

Here’s how it works:

How To Watch This Old House for Free

Roku recently announced that it has acquired the rights to stream episodes of This Old House.

That’s big news for the fans of the show that has been airing since 1979!

All you’ll need to do is find a way to access The Roku Channel (more on that in a minute) to start enjoying the classic home remodeling show. And it won’t cost you a penny.

In the announcement, Roku revealed that not only will you get a catalog of past seasons of the show, but you’ll also get on-demand access to current season episodes after they air on PBS.

Past seasons of “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House” are already available for free on The Roku Channel through both linear and on demand programming,” Roku’s Vice President of Programming, Rob Holmes wrote in a news release.

“As a special treat to our viewers, you’ll now be able to stream current seasons (“This Old House”: Season 42 and “Ask This Old House”: Season 19) for free on The Roku Channel as on demand episodes after they air on local PBS stations.”

It appears that seasons 39, 40, 41 and 42 are already available for streaming in their entirety.

But the announcement says that Roku has acquired more than 1,500 episodes of the show, so it will be interesting to see when those seasons will be available.


How To Access The Roku Channel

Did you know that you can access The Roku Channel for free without owning a Roku device?

You’ll need to download the app on your phone or access it via a web browser.

Here’s how you can watch This Old House via The Roku Channel:

Access from Your Television

If you have a Roku streaming stick or a Roku TV, you should be able to access the This Old House through The Roku Channel app on your device without having to download anything new.

Here’s what the tile will look like on your TV menu:

Finding The Roku Channel on your Roku device

You should be able to find This Old House by utilizing the search function:

This Old House on The Roku Channel

Access From Your Phone or Tablet

You do not need a Roku device to access The Roku Channel on your phone or tablet: You just need to download the app.

You can find it in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad as well as the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your device, you should be able to use the search function to find This Old House:

This Old House on The Roku Channel via iPad app

Access From Your Computer

You do not need a Roku device to access The Roku Channel on your computer.


In fact, you don’t even have to download anything. You can access The Roku Channel’s website for free streaming via your favorite web browser.

There is a search function in the top right corner of the webpage, so typing “This Old House” into that should do the trick for quick access to the show:

This Old House on The Roku Channel

Final Thoughts

The Roku Channel continues to shine as a premier free streaming TV option.

The addition of the This Old House content library is just another move in helping cord cutters step away from linear television and become more comfortable with the free options available to them on the streaming market.

If you’re a fan of This Old House and have been curious about getting rid of your cable or satellite TV bill, this could be a great chance to test streaming TV with no obligation.

And if you want more information about The Roku Channel, you can read Team Clark’s full review of the free service here.

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