Your chance of hitting the Powerball jackpot? Don’t ask!


Do you ever participate in the office lottery pool? Have you ever actually stopped to think about the odds that you’ll hit the Powerball jackpot??

Your exact odds of winning? One in 175 million!

A couple of year ago, physicist John Swain (aka Dr. Knowledge) of Northeastern University ran the numbers for the Mega Millions lottery. His findings show that you have 1 in 175,711,536 chance of winning that one.

To quote Jim Carrey in 1994’s Dumb & Dumber…”So you’re saying there’s a chance?!”

Meanwhile, Swain says there’s a 1 in 10 million chance you’ll be struck and killed by lightning. In another tally I saw, what are the chances you’ll…

  • Pick a perfect NCAA bracket? One in 13 million.
  • Become an astronaut? One in 12 million.
  • Become the president? One in 10 million.
  • Die by a hornet’s sting? One in 6 million.
  • Get a royal flush in the first hand of poker? One in 65,000.
  • Date a supermodel? One in 88,000.

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