Vietnam vet threatened by homeowners association for U.S. flag mailbox


Vietnam veteran John Ackert received notice from his homeowners association threatening to put a lien on his home if he did not remove an American flag cover from his mailbox, according to The Washington Post.

His neatly trimmed Tallahassee, Florida, neighborhood has given Ackert notices before about Special Olympics and military stickers he had on his front door — then threatening to cut off his access to the community pool and tennis court. Some of Ackert’s neighbors were so upset by this latest warning that they came forward with their own stories of unreasonable intimidation from their HOA, describing varying levels of punishment for minor offenses.

This 82-year-old Navy veteran has won the battle after overwhelming support from his neighbors and people all over the country. After meeting with his HOA, Ackert received a letter saying that the rules would be changed to allow his patriotic display.

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