Two ways to deal with the fiscal cliff


With the fiscal cliff looming, there are two ways I see to get a handle on things.

First, we need to fix the tax code. What we’re currently doing with tax policy in the United States is broken. Our tax code is a jumbled, corrupt mess, more like what you’d find in a Third World country with all the tax preference items that politicians put in to help their key contributors.

We have a system business owners can’t possibly understand. As a business owner, you only cope with tax code, not master it. We need to eliminate games, gimmicks, and even deductions.

Steve Forbes, a former presidential candidate, was believer in a flat tax. Others like my friend Neal Boortz are in favor of a national sales tax that’s branded as the Fair Tax.

Second, we can’t afford the promises we’ve made for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security even with higher taxes. So that means we have to make the social network a little less generous.

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