These are the top 15 richest public colleges


Education research site StartClass has discovered the top 25 richest public colleges.

Using the most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the group was able to determine which public U.S. school is the richest, according to endowment funds.

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Endowment funds are money donated to schools for the school to invest. reported that all of the schools have over $960 million in endowments. Three have over $5 billion in donations.

Top 15 richest public colleges


The top 15, which includes Georgia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Washington, The University of Texas at Austin, Ohio State, The University of Virginia and Texas A&M, among others, is below:

15. University of California – Berkeley ($1.67 billion endowment)

14. Georgia Institute of Technology ($1.89 billion endowment)

13. Pennsylvania State University ($2.26 billion endowment)

12. Purdue University ($2.45 billion endowment) 


11. Michigan State University ($2.55 billion endowment)

10. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ($2.66 billion endowment)

9. University of Washington – Seattle ($2.92 billion endowment)

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8. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities ($2.99 billion endowment)

7. University of Wisconsin-Madison ($3.13 billion endowment)


6. The University of Texas at Austin ($3.38 billion endowment)

5. University of Pittsburgh ($3.47 billion endowment)

4. Ohio State University ($3.60 billion endowment)

3. University of Virginia ($5.88 billion endowment)

2. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor ($9.60 billion endowment)


1. Texas A&M University – College Station ($10.52 billion endowment)

The full list of the 25 richest colleges, and more statistics on each, can be found at StartClass.

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