Terrafugia introduces flying car straight out of The Jetsons


Several years ago, Clark got extremely excited about a flying car called the Terrafugia (Latin for “escape from land”).

Now a test model of the Terrafugia has had a successful maiden voyage. This 19-foot vehicle is part of a new category of airplanes called light sport aircrafts (LSA). Operators only need a minimum of 20 hours of training to operate LSAs. Maximum air speed is just a little over 100 mph.

The Terrafugia is not ready for prime-time quite yet. But it is expected to cost $194,000 when it rolls off the production line, according to what the company’s CEO said in a TV interview.

Pocket change, right?

So move over, George Jetson. The day of the flying automobile is coming and may have some serious implications for “supercommuters” who travel more than 90 minutes one-way to work.

Speaking of traffic, one positive effect of the sour economy is that as people get laid off, they aren’t on the roads like they once were. The question is, when the economy comes back, will traffic go right back to the level where it was? That remains to be seen.

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired in June 2009.

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