Buzz kill: Starbucks raises prices again


For caffeine addicts who can’t live without their daily Starbucks fix, the habit is about to cost even more. 

According to reports, the world’s largest coffee shop chain is increasing drink prices in most areas of the U.S. starting Tuesday. The cost of a Venti (Starbucks speak for large) brewed coffee will jump 10 cents to $2.45, while the price of most affected drinks will increase somewhere between 5 cents and 20 cents — a roughly 1% hike. However, Starbucks says the price of food items and some of its most popular drinks will remain unchanged. 

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Coffee lovers likely remember that Starbucks just increased prices about a year ago, after a drought in Brazil, the world’s biggest coffee producer, resulted in higher prices everywhere. This time, the Seattle-based giant says it’s making the changes in order to offset the cost of increased wages and rising rent.

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How to avoid coffee shop price hikes

While paying an extra 10 cents here and there may not seem like a big deal, those small purchases add up over time. Brewing coffee at home, rather than buying a cup every day, can save you about $500 a year. And the good news about Starbucks’ price hike is that it doesn’t include packaged coffee. So try out a few different brands you can brew at home until you find one you like, and meanwhile, check out these 5 brilliant ways to invest an extra $500!

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