Sell your old cellphone – but avoid the scam


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TRANSCRIPT: It’s really a great idea when your cell phone becomes unwanted that you sell the thing right away. Because with all the new models coming out it seems like, monthly, an older cell phone is worth less and less, almost every week.

These days it’s really easy to sell your cell phone and generate cash. You can go into a mall there are machines you can put your phone in and it’ll read it and it’ll give you an instant value to buy it from you for. Or online there are many sellers. Gazelle is probably the biggest of them and there are many smaller players that will buy your old cell phone, computers, electronics from you.

But you need to be aware. A number of the ones out there are crooks. One that’s got a big focus on it will make a generous offer for your phone, maybe $150, and you think that’s great,  that’s more than anybody else offered. You send it in and they send you a check for maybe 5 or 6 or 10 dollars. Be careful. I have a list for you of legitimate buyers of your old electronics at I’m Clark Howard.

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