Saab suspends auto warranty coverage


Editor’s note: Lawyer and car-buying expert Adam Goldfein fills in for Clark Howard Monday the 19th – Wednesday the 21st of this week. Below is a summary of some of what he discussed. Visit for more information.

Saab has just announced that it will be suspending warranty coverage on all North American vehicles, effective December 19.

What does that mean to you if you have one of the 48,000 such vehicles that you bought a year or two ago and you still have some new car warranty left? GM has released a statement saying they will honor and pay for repairs if Saab doesn’t.

That means in all likelihood that you will have to front the money, keep your receipts and then make a claim — first to Saab and then to GM if necessary.

In general, on the question of auto warranties, Adam Goldfein recommends that you buy the manufacturer’s own if you want to buy a warranty. If you buy from a fly by night operation, very few of those kinds of operations stick around to honor your claims, though they’re happy to take your money.

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