Police chief debates red light and speed cameras with Clark


Over the years, I have been vocally opposed to red light cameras and speed cameras. My comments always elicit a strong reaction from listeners, especially in the Clark Stinks forum.

Today, I heard from Floyd Simpson, the chief of police in Corpus Christi, Texas. Simpson’s jurisdiction has about 12 red light cameras, and he says that they’ve  reduced accidents and fatalities — specifically T-bones — since they were first installed.

I have long contended that these kinds of cameras are only intended to increase revenues for local government. To that end, I want to propose an alternative to Simpson: Those captured on camera should be given the option to waive the fine if they agree to take an approved driver safety course. 

As a final question, I asked Simpson why he thinks the public has reacted with such intensity toward red light cameras and speed cameras. After all, there’s no public outcry when a police officer pulls someone over for a ticket.

Simpson speculates that motorists prefer the human element when being brought to task for their actions. It gives them the chance to talk their way out of a possible ticket. But there’s no talking to an eye in the sky!

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