Online retailers cheaper than Amazon right now


Price war! Do I love those two words combined. And we got one going on big time. Amazon has been taking more of a chunk out of target then they’ve wanted, and target now is striking back with free shipping for orders of twenty five dollars or more. If you are a really devoted target shopper, you get those emails from target with all the online specials. They are serious about getting you to think about them to shop online. Now a $25 minimum.

Remember at Christmas time they tried a no-minimum-order, that was too low for them to make money, but  $25 is obviously a better threshold than Amazon offers. Also right now better than Walmart. What are you going to do Walmart? The big news is you get the savings if you comparison shop among the three titans for items you want. Don’t just do one click to purchase on Amazon. Check out what Target has, and Walmart, to stretch your dollar. I’m Clark Howard.

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