Monitor your health from the comfort of home


Historically when you had to have tests done, you had to go to a medical facility and they did stuff like this, taking blood from you. Well that was then and this is now, because what’s happening is there are so many new things coming out where you’re going to be able to do your own testing in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule, and in many cases have instant results.

There are many companies working right now racing to the marketplace with devices that will allow you either to monitor your health, or a chronic condition you have, or to be able to do tests that maybe the doctor would order — but you’re able to do them from your own home. And the doctor and you have the results right away.

These new testing things are going to be cheaper than traditional ways of getting things done and so much easier for you and me. One of the great benefits is for people with chronic illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure, you’re going to have instant information available to you and the doctor. I’m Clark Howard.

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