Many options for your FREE credit score


There was only a smattering of news recently about TransUnion losing a lawsuit over illegally selling personal info. As part of the settlement, the credit bureau will be required to give you free access to your credit score and other info for half a year. This decision will affect 160 million people.

Traditionally, people have had to pay for their credit scores. If this TransUnion settlement happened a year ago, Clark would have made a big deal about it. But there a couple of reasons why it doesn’t matter as much today.

First, there’s the government-sanctioned that allows you to get your credit report once a year for nada. Second, there are already a number of ways to get your credit score for free.

Once upon a time the old Washington Mutual gave customers their Fair Isaac score every month as part of their marketing efforts. (Editor’s note: WaMu discontinued this practice effective March 1, 2009 before being absorbed into Chase.)

That’s why I’m now recommending to get your Experian credit score for free. Another free site to try is

These 3 “dot coms” all give it away in the hopes that you’ll buy the products and services they’re trying to market. But there’s no obligation to buy anything at all. (Editor’s note: is part of the Quicken Loans family of companies.)

Why should you care about your credit standing? Even if you don’t need any credit, a mistake on your report or score will trigger higher insurance rates. You could also be turned down for a job. So check it out!

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