Kmart hack: Credit card information stolen in data breach


Kmart customers should check their credit card statements right away after a recent data breach put payment information at risk.

The struggling retailer says it became aware of a security incident involving unauthorized credit card activity following certain customer purchases at Kmart stores.

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Kmart data breach: What you need to know

In a letter posted on, the company acknowledged that Kmart store payment data systems were infected with a malicious code that anti-virus systems didn’t detect.

Once identified, the malicious code was removed and Kmart says its payment data systems are safe again.

Kmart stresses that no personal identifying information, such as names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birth dates and email addresses, was obtained by the criminals.

However, the retailer admits that some credit card numbers have been compromised.

Kmart says all of its stores had EMV “Chip and Pin” technology enabled during the time of the breach. The company believes the exposure to data that can be used to create counterfeit cards is limited.

At this point, there’s no evidence that debit personal identification numbers (PIN) were stolen.

Check your statements immediately!

Kmart is urging customers to carefully review and monitor their debit and credit card account statements. Always report any suspicious charges to your payment card issuer immediately.


Another tip: See if your credit card company allows you to sign up for text alerts whenever a purchase is made.

Major credit card companies have policies that state customers have no liability for unauthorized charges if they’re reported in a timely manner, which is why Clark prefers credit cards over debit cards.

When someone steals your credit card information, no money ever leaves your pocket.

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As for this data breach, Kmart didn’t disclose the dates or stores that were affected by the hack. You can contact Kmart at 888-488-5978 with further questions.

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