Job alert: These 18 companies will be hiring like crazy in 2018

Job alert: These 18 companies will be hiring like crazy in 2018
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If you’re not happy with your career, the start of the new year may be the perfect time to look for a new job because January and February are typically two of the biggest months for hiring.

In 2018, the jobs site says these 18 companies will be looking to fill thousands of positions:

Hiring spree: 18 companies with thousands of jobs to fill in 2018

  1. Amazon
  2. The Home Depot
  3. Liberty Mutual Insurance
  4. Panda Express
  5. Deloitte
  6. Kohl’s
  7. GEICO
  8. Whole Foods Market
  9. IBM
  10. Target
  11. Bank of America
  12. Lowe’s
  13. Microsoft
  14. Merck
  15. AT&T
  16. McKinsey & Company
  17. Costco Wholesale
  18. Intel Corporation

To learn more about specific job opportunities at the companies on this list, click the links above to visit Glassdoor.

5 job trends to watch for in 2018, according to Glassdoor

Taking a look at the big picture, Glassdoor chief economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain says there are five things that will disrupt the 2018 labor market, which could affect your job search:

AI is changing the future of work: AI and automation are poised to impact nearly every facet of the workforce in some way, but two industries that are ripe for big changes in 2018: human resources and finance. Revolutionary new AI tools are complementing people’s skills in both HR and finance, upending many established and easy-to-automate roles.

Modernization of mobile job applications: Most of existing applicant tracking systems were built in a bygone era, making applying for a job from a mobile device cumbersome. Mobile apply is ripe for overhaul in 2018, but has a long way to go.

Job growth in health care, tech, labor-intensive roles: Job creation in 2018 is being driven not only by innovations in tech, which will continue to expand within traditionally non-tech industries, but by significant demographic shifts such as an aging population. Many traditional jobs like restaurant waiters and truck drivers that cannot be automated easily in the near term will continue to grow and be a core source for jobs.

Increased transparency in the application and interview process: While workplaces have increased their transparency in recent years, the online application process remains notoriously opaque. In 2018, job seekers can expect more visibility into both the application process and the status of job applications in real time.

Encouraging employee passions through role experimentation: More companies are creating ways to support employee aspirations outside the common vertical trajectory within a company through role experimentation. By establishing clearer pathways for internal lateral job moves, companies can tap into the changing skills and passions of their workforce, help reduce turnover, and do a better job of matching proven talent with their most productive role inside an organization.

Give your resume a makeover

In order to get a job interview, you need to have a resume that hiring managers will notice! Here’s what your resume should look like in 2018, according to a career expert.

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